Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rusty Fenders

I took Drew to Pegasus today. This is a local salvage yard that he had sold his very first car, a 1959 Mercury Commuter Station Wagon, to. It's been a few years since he had decided to let it go and he wanted to see it again. It is by far the coolest station wagon ever made. He and I had big hopes and dreams of restoring this beautiful piece of the past. However, we found that it was way too far gone as far as the rust and since it was so rare, was hard to find the parts for restoration (a learning process for us on what is restorable and what is not). 

I actually enjoy walking around the junk yards and looking at all the rusty antique cars. I see so much beauty in them... all rusty but still holding within themselves the memories of the families they once carried around. I look inside and imagine the children being taken to school, families going on vacation, mommy's being rushed to the hospital before baby comes, daddy's pulling up into the driveway and mommy coming to the door wiping her hands on her apron and waiting to kiss her husband hello.....  they came from an era when dinners were all homemade and on the table by 5pm. Life was slow and enjoyed.

I love the designs of the vintage and antique cars so much more than what they make today.

We found Drew's Commuter.... he had a very hard time seeing her in the condition she was in now. The weather had taken a toll on her and nobody had showed interest in trying to restore her. She was much more rusty, losing her color and very dirty..... It was sad to see her sitting there, alone. She sat for sooo long on my driveway and greeted us each time we arrived home.

Goodbye, once again dear Commuter. I do hope somebody comes along and see's the beauty you still hold and brings you back to what you deserve.