Sunday, April 22, 2012

The next project

These forts, once territory of my boys, whom are now teenagers and have no interest in playing in them any longer, will now blossom into a little girls playhouse.... The one "leaning" used to be up on 4x4's and a beam connected the 2 with a swing in the middle. Time rotted the wood and late last year the raised fort was pulled to the ground. Sooooo... I'm thinking a cream color with pink and pale green accents. I plan to add window shutters and a window box, landscaping, a vintage mailbox and walkway. Paint the inside white and I have a vintage wooden kitchen set waiting for its new home. The other fort will be part of her new playhouse as well.  Here are the before pictures and I will post pictures as we make progress :)

A beautiful day in Idaho and the raised vegetable garden is underway

The anxiety is increasing as the beds get closer to completion. The thought of growing my own veggies for juicing and canning makes me soooo happy. The plan is 3 each of 4x12 foot beds. I've tried to grow a garden directly in the ground in this same area, but the weeds and maintenance was overwhelming.

Here is the progress made today. I also ran to a yard sale out in the country and found some vintage metal garden chairs, a vintage garden gate and some misc fun items.

The third box is almost done as I type this. While they were working on that, Miss Emma and I painted plant markers...

Here also are some shots of my fun treasures I found today....

Vintage Metal Garden Chairs.... I'm thinking they need to be pale green or red?

Loved the character on this little farm table... need to make room for her somewhere.

Love this old garden gate.... will fit right in my garden area with my vintage garden tools and such I plan to hang on the fence.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello my neglected little blog

So I am excited today as I am planning and designing my raised vegetable garden. Figuring out where the beds will be placed and which vegetables to plant. I have been juicing, alot. So the thought of growing my own organic vegetables to throw in my juicer has me very motivated. I was inspired to juice from the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". I juice every fruit and vegetable I can. Nothing makes me feel better than handing my kiddos a large glass of vitamins and nutrients.  They don't eat vegetables... once cooked, they loose all those precious micronutrients anyway. Did you know that juiced broccoli has no flavor? Ha! A perfect way to sneak that valuable vegetable into their diet.

What I am planning to grow and my fav's to juice so far.

Beets (we juice the greens too)
Tomatoes (Juice your own tomato juice, I mix mine with green peppers)
Green Peppers

I also juice, oranges, apples, lemons, limes, ginger root, mustard greens, pineapple, mango, peaches (yum)! And alot more just not coming to mind right now.

I like to mix the veggies with the oranges and apples. Those give the juice a good sweet base and then you don't taste alot of the veggies. Good way to make the kids drink it. My favorite flavor is the beets (so earthy).

Will write more about my new garden as it starts to come together. I hope I can inspire those of you who do not juice. There simply is not a healthier choice.

Happy Sunday!