Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awake for Christmas

Our dear Papa has been in a medicated coma for 12 days. His body feverishly fighting this awful bacteria consuming his flesh and tissue. He's been on a ventilator as he couldn't breathe on his own, his lungs filled with fluid. His kidneys stopped functioning and has been on dialysis the last 4 days. His blood pressure so low and on medication for that. Toxic blood levels, 4 antibiotics, on morphine and propofol to keep him knocked out.

As they tried to back him off the propofol to see how his body would respond to being more conscious his heart for several days went into afib (not firing correctly). On medication for that.  This poor man, healthy one day and struggling with every fiber of his being the next.

They backed off on the morphine and propofol yesterday and our dear Papa started to respond to the family around him, his wife and daughter. They could ask him questions and he would respond with a nod and he was even giving smiles! The most beautiful smiles.

Last night, my husband along with his brother who pull the night shift with their dad were able to talk with him, joke around and make him smile. Papa stayed awake all night, stretching and moving and motioning to have his skin rubbed. He is very itchy right now. Probably from the thousands of different medications that have entered his body. The nurse asked if he wanted medication to help him sleep. He declined! Think he's had enough sleep!

Today, I believe the plan is to lower the ventilator a bit more and see how he does. They seem to think he is breathing on his own now and they will also try and remove the gag tube.

It was a blessing to see him awake and responding. He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. But just to see that smile was encouraging and to know at least now he can fight the fight on his own and not by machine or with so many meds.

Welcome back Papa... we've missed you.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on Papa...

Per Julie his daughter this morning...

"Still haven't seen the docs but it's been a rough morning. His condition is getting worse. A few positives...he came out of afib and blood pressure is holding. His low grade fever is back. They are giving him 100% oxygen but his oxygen level in his blood is still low meaning he's not using it as he should. Showing kidney failure at this point given he is on a diuretic and only putting out what a normal person would. He will go in for dialysis today. They consider breathing as an organ so now he has two organ failures. Doc may order ct scan to check for any missing pockets of infection but we're still waiting to see the doc and understand where we are today."

Please pray for Papa...

Flesh Eating Bacteria...

My husband's mom and dad. He is also known as ~Papa~. He is the most kind, genuine, soft spoken, generous, unselfish, Godliest man I have ever met. A wonderful and loving husband, father, grandfather, and father-in-law.

I wish I was posting pictures of my new wood stove full of fire and heat. First issue was that the tile was not set properly therefore all the tiles popped off the floor. One assumption is because of the varathane on the wood. So my husband purchased concrete board to put down under the tile.

However, that evening we received horrible news from California. Nick, my husband's dad was not feeling well and was at the doctors. First went in for what appeared to be a torn pec muscle. He had a slight swollen lump near his armpit, by that evening he was in so much pain he was admitted and within a short time they discovered he was suffering from the beginning signs of Necrotizing Fasciitis, also known as Flesh Eating Bacteria. Within a few hours that lump and covered his chest, shoulder, arm, underneath his arm and back with black and grey decaying flesh.... yes, that fast.

My husband took a flight out Saturday afternoon to be by his dad's side and to support his family.

He was admitted into ICU on Saturday evening and within hours was fighting for his life. Not only does this bacteria eat your flesh and tissue, but also shuts your organs down. If you are not treated quickly, you could die in just 2 days, or at minimum lose a limb. Within a day, they talked about his liver numbers being elevated and the possibility of losing his arm. They immediately started him on 4 antibiotics at extra strength. He has been kept sedated due to the pain, has had 3 surgeries so far to remove dead skin and tissue and has low blood pressure. His blood is toxic and kidneys are impaired. Today they discovered an afib in his heart which means it doesn't fire normally and now on medication for that. He also received a blood transfusion today and will need dialysis tomorrow and possibly in the future.

He has a long road of recovery ahead of him. That's after this bacteria fight is over.

The stress and overload weakend my immune system and I came down with the flu...  horribly! I've been trying to keep things running normally here and even tried to bring the fake Christmas tree out. Had my boys go down in to the basement in search of a beautiful one I picked up last year. What I ended up with was a horrendous pile made out of 6 fake Christmas trees, out of the boxes, nothing labeled, limbs and parts everywhere... I'm not quite sure what happened down there over the years... but my fake trees got all piled together.

When you are sick and running a fever... that mess doesn't go over very well. I threw all those trees and tree parts outside and decided to go with the white fake tree, with white lights that I always put in my dining room. That one is easy and the tree branches don't come off, instead fold up. Told the kids that under the current circumstances, this is what we will use this year.  Pulled the 3 pieces of that tree out, stuck them together, placed it in the living room bay window, plugged it in and low and behold... the mid section doesn't light up ~sigh~

So this year, we have a white tree without lights or ornaments... that is currently laying on it's side? Funny the things that happen when you fall asleep with a high fever and exhaustion.

We are thankful for each day that passes that our Papa is still with us.

PS: I need a maid and a chef and someone to fix the stupid Christmas lights.