Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Grace

Three years ago today, she entered our lives crying. The most beautiful cry I will ever hear and will never forget.

These days are sad. All the days grieving their presence in our lives are hard, but their birthdays are moments I really miss. The celebration of their life, a milestone shared with friends and family, birthday cakes and decorations, chocolate covered faces, etc. Each moment and memory we cannot have with her. I think about what she would look like right now and all of the "firsts" I didn't get to see, her first smile, giggle, attempt to crawl, her first steps, her first 1/2 a year birthday cake I buy all my kids.

We will celebrate her life today. She was here and even though it was for a short time, she lived and we loved her and created memories. I will get to see her again. I don't get to see her here on this earth but I will spend eternity with her.

We have a birthday cake for her and always buy balloons to write love notes on and release off into the heavens....

Happy Birthday to you my baby Grace. I miss you so much and ache for you daily.

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