Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awake for Christmas

Our dear Papa has been in a medicated coma for 12 days. His body feverishly fighting this awful bacteria consuming his flesh and tissue. He's been on a ventilator as he couldn't breathe on his own, his lungs filled with fluid. His kidneys stopped functioning and has been on dialysis the last 4 days. His blood pressure so low and on medication for that. Toxic blood levels, 4 antibiotics, on morphine and propofol to keep him knocked out.

As they tried to back him off the propofol to see how his body would respond to being more conscious his heart for several days went into afib (not firing correctly). On medication for that.  This poor man, healthy one day and struggling with every fiber of his being the next.

They backed off on the morphine and propofol yesterday and our dear Papa started to respond to the family around him, his wife and daughter. They could ask him questions and he would respond with a nod and he was even giving smiles! The most beautiful smiles.

Last night, my husband along with his brother who pull the night shift with their dad were able to talk with him, joke around and make him smile. Papa stayed awake all night, stretching and moving and motioning to have his skin rubbed. He is very itchy right now. Probably from the thousands of different medications that have entered his body. The nurse asked if he wanted medication to help him sleep. He declined! Think he's had enough sleep!

Today, I believe the plan is to lower the ventilator a bit more and see how he does. They seem to think he is breathing on his own now and they will also try and remove the gag tube.

It was a blessing to see him awake and responding. He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. But just to see that smile was encouraging and to know at least now he can fight the fight on his own and not by machine or with so many meds.

Welcome back Papa... we've missed you.

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