Monday, October 15, 2012

Crazy Hens

I have a deep love and passion for history, junk and treasures. I have always collected these pieces of history and displayed them in my home. This love has led to a new venture for me and I am so excited about it.

I went to a vintage sale a few months back. The gal holding the sale and I hit it off right away. We became friends, shared our love for junk and long story short... started a little business together.

Crazy Hens was born.

I LOVE to find treasures and share them with others who are as excited about them as I am. This most recently has also opened the door to custom work. I've painted a few dressers and now have requests to do my work on some gals pieces. How fun is that! I continue to learn each day but strive to stick with what I love and how I love things.

Here is a recent dresser I finished and sold in 10 minutes after posting for sale. Our philosophy is to be affordable. I'm not trying to make a ton of money flipping, but allow a stay home mom on a tight budget to pick up a fun vintage piece and be excited!

Dresser sold for $65.
Here are a few other projects I've done and sold
I am working on a new project I am so excited about. I am off now to start school with the kids and will post pics of the old wardrobe later... Have a blessed day. 

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