Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Fun Garage Sale

Have you ever gone to the same garage sale more than once? Like, they have the coolest stuff for sale and after you've left you think about something you wish you had bought and then go back for it? Or, you're just sure that if you look one more time you will find something you missed the first time. Well, I hit one of "those" garage sales yesterday, and (ahem) twice today.

Not only did they have really cool vintage items, but they were the nicest couple! The kind of people you meet and instantly take a liking too.

At this sale I found something I have always wanted. A vintage Aluminum Christmas tree with the rotating color wheel. She had one and gave me a super deal on it. You'll have to wait until Christmas to see it ;)

Look at that jolly face!

I just love vintage Christmas decorations and one of my favorite collections is old Santa's. She had 4 vintage Santa's.... look at them, aren't they adorable. They will fit in nicely with the rest of my guys. I love them so much I just don't have the heart to pack them away... so my delightful new guys will just have to hang out with the pumpkins and goblins in the living room for the next couple of months ;)

Look at these awesome lights!!! She had two sets of them sitting on the the table with the other Christmas stuff, lit up and beautiful... they were only $3 each. I could not believe that they were still sitting there, but I am so glad no one else saw the beauty in them that I did. They are mine now :) Sitting on my mantel and the other on Emma's piano. Love them!

Yes, yes... I came home with yet another chair. It has the cutest stencil on the back. I'll find some vintage red fabric to recover the seat.

Loved this little shelf

I also bought this really cute mirror. I just love the metal rod on the bottom to hang a few cute linens. Also picked up a cool vintage chalk board, beautiful vintage linens and vintage bed spreads for my daughters vintage bedroom. After I paid for my items she mentioned to me that the next day all items would be reduced to 50% off.

Half off! I'm there! I wanted this adorable pink lamp very bad.... when she mentioned it going half off... I got up early the next morning just for that lamp. It was still there for me, yay! Some of the trim was hanging off the lampshade, but I LOVED that shade, it's perfect for the lamp. I warmed up my hot glue gun and glued it back in place, it's just perfect again.

Bought this great chest too. I loved it! Didn't know where I was going to put it but knew I'd find a place for it and I did. Put my coffee table on freecycle and my cool chest has a new home as a coffee table. It is the perfect place to put all of our board games!

The really nice garage sale lady and I chatted about my son Drew being the 50's collector and I mentioned to her that his birthday was tomorrow. She ran in to her house a came out with a gift for him. Look at this cool idea... It's the front of an old tv and made into a frame. Very cool and those of you who know Drew know how much he loves vintage tvs and stereos. He wanted to go to the garage sale too when he saw what I came home with.... he wanted to thank her for the gift and also show them his car.  Hence, my 3rd trip to the sale.  Yes, we came home with even more treasures and Drew found some neat things to put away for his future house.

You all know I have a weakness for enamelware. I found this incredible canner/soup pot at a sale on Friday. It's in perfect shape and still has the original sticker on it. I was so excited to find it and to only pay $10 for it, yay! Was a good weekend for vintage goodness :) 

Drew and I truly enjoyed meeting you garage sale couple in Rathdrum. I wish I had asked your names.... but I guess I was just in awe with all the treasures you had. Thanks also for taking the time to show Drew your old cars. They were very cool and he really appreciated it.


  1. Good morning Valerie!!

    WOW!!! You scored some absolutely fabulous vintage finds!!! Your pink lamp is exquisite!!
    Yard sales are so much fun!!!
    Hugs, Laura

  2. My name is Mary Jane and Valerie visited my garage sale three times over the weekend. It was a delight to see her each time, not only because she was my BEST customer; but because of her delightful children; AND her contagious enthusiasm for all things vintage. The stories we shared while she shopped were memorable and seeing these pictures of some of the things that sat in my home for many years, now happily sharing space with a new family, is simply incredible for me. It's wonderful when two of us can get together and pass things on. I told her I might adopt her – I don’t have a daughter! I’m thankful all my special things found the perfect home. I also wanted you to know that the picture in the TV frame is called quilling, a centuries-old art form where strips of paper are rolled and then shaped and formed into a picture. I LOVE the candle holder on the mantle! Thanks, Valerie!

  3. OH MYYYYYYYYYYYY..... Valerie, I am in love with the beautiful linens you got... wow!!!!!!!!! I did not see you say they came from the sale but I am guessing they did? I love love love the lamp!!! The santas are adorable!!!! Well I love it all of course!!!!!!!!!!