Friday, September 24, 2010

My secret

Ok... I have a confession to make. I admit, this is not one of my best qualities and it drives my husband crazy. I am I M P A T I E N T... there, I said it.  I am one of those people who needs instant gratification. Yep, if I'm working on a project, say as in painting a piece of furniture, I just want it painted and in place and done. My husband on the other hand takes the piece outside, puts it on a drop cloth, takes it apart, fills in the cracks, sands it... etc, etc., augh! "Oh Gosh Andy!!! It's never going to get done"!!!! (I say).

If I'm working on a craft... it needs to be something I can complete with in a few hours or at least by the end of the day, or forget it. 

So, here is my example. I found this wonderful old dresser at a garage sale for only $10. A little later at a different sale there was this wonderful little shelf unit that sits on a dresser for free.... I'm not quite sure why nobody wanted it. I knew it would fit perfect on the dresser I just scored. The 2 pieces have been sitting in my living room waiting for me to decide what color it was going to be. I struggled between country blue, red or green. Then I had to decide what shade of one of those colors.

I realized after I started painting that I forgot the before picture

I decided today on green. Went to Walmart and found a really cute green from Better Homes and Gardens called Green Stalk. LOVE the new colors they have! If you haven't seen there new colors go check them out. Such fun fall colors. Came home... found my brush, opened the can and started to paint. Didn't move it from its place or take the drawers out... I just wanted to see the color on a little bit (I said to myself). That turned into everything from the shelf onto the floor and painting to get it done. I used my blow dryer in between the coats because I couldn't wait for it to dry on it's own. And in no time had 3 coats on. Wow, in less than 2 hours :)

The green is not quite what I originally had in mind. But I instantly fell in love with this color. I adore this green. It's perfect. In fact I love it so much that I'm going to move it to the other side of the living room where you can really see it and I'm not going to put the books and dvds back on's too cute for that now. 

Here is a picture of the 2 pieces married together by this wonderful green. I rubbed some antiquing on, (still need to rub some off) and I love it. It still needs a touch up here and there. If you are looking for a new green or a color for a piece you have, check this green out. It's deeper in person than in my photo.

So there, you know my little secret. It's done (pretty quickly) and I am happy  :)

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  1. Awesome "lightning" job!!! I have never considered using a blow dryer!!LOL!!! Sounds like a pretty good idea, tho!!!
    I love the way the two pieces look like they were ment for each other. The green colour is spectacular, too!! Way to go!!!