Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow and not much else!

My front yard

So, I haven't made any progress in Emma's room. No further painting on her walls or furniture. As a fellow blogger said "Christmas is just around the corner... painting it in January is perfectly acceptable!!!!". You were right, Laura!

Christmas madness definately took time over.

Our snowfall returned this year, thank you El Nina! I was very sad last year, that El Nino warmed the temps and gave us nothing but rain. When you live in a snow climate, you expect snow... I felt very cheated last year.

I love the snow. To me it brings calm and peace. I don't go out and play in it, instead stay inside and finish house projects and enjoy it's beauty from the windows! This year the snow is just beautiful.

We enjoyed the company of Andy's parents. They flew out from California the day after Christmas and stayed through New Year's.

Hubby got a new snowblower for Christmas... It was fired up in the morning and we didn't see their faces again until that evening.... hubby and dad blew the whole street..... twice. (had to break it in, ya know... so they could do the 2 hour oil change) a huh.

My son Josh and his new guitar

New Year's morning... the sun was shining upon this tree and it was so beautiful. I wish my camera would have picked up the true redness it was wearing.

My kiddos with their Umma and Papa

I picked up a cute antique dresser from craigslist yesterday. She has pretty bones but currently wearing sponged purple paint (yes purple sponge paint) sigh.... and to top it off... shiny gold knobs... double sigh. I will post pictures of her later. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet... white or stripped to natural.

Happy New Year everybody! May you all be richly blessed this new year.

The holidays are over and it's time to get back to painting :)

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