Monday, September 12, 2011

My second born son turned 15 on September 11

Joshua Michael~ My third blessing, celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday. Each day with him is a blessing and not a moment taken for granted. I have lost two children. Sometimes my head is invaded by a haunting thought. What if I had lost one of my living children that I know and love so deeply. What if Josh wasn't with me, or Drew or Brianna, or my baby girl Emma. I know my life would be so different without one of them. Each of their lives brings me so much joy, love, reasons I live, breath, stay home to care for them. All perfectly balancing my world, my family unit.

Today, we celebrated Joshua's life. I love this boy. Deeply. He has a spirit and force I have never met before. Strong willed, stubborn, witty, scary smart, photographic memory, hilarious and with a desire to become a surgeon. He is the life of the party, the person people gravitate to, and has never left a function, party or gathering without making a new friend. Happy Birthday son. I love you to the moon and back. I enjoy each and every priceless day with you.

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