Friday, September 2, 2011


My brother Len touched ground today in Maine. He is back in the USA after serving a year in Baghdad, Iraq. It was a long, stressful year filled with worry and stress.

Technology sure has changed the way family can stay in touch with their soldiers. Len is in the middle of a war in Baghdad but has the ability to log into Facebook and "status" a hello to us. He would Skype with his wife and kids nightly and had a cell phone to stay in touch.  What an extreme difference from the past... men, husbands and dads would go off to war and you wouldn't hear a thing from them until they showed up at home. Not being able to communicate with them for months on end. I can't imagine that.  We were so priviledged with the technology of today.  How incredible to receive instant digital photos of him. It was like receiving a hug and comforting to know he was ok. 

We are so proud of him.

Welcome home, Sergeant Leonard Newton. Although it will be a few weeks until your feet are back on your own driveway, we are so thankful you are back on American soil.

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