Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Saturday.... cupboards that is.....

I've lived with my kitchen cupboards primed and doorless for quite a while as I tried to figure out a color for them.  I went white several months ago, that was a huge mistake. Between my kids and all the ones that visit - I realized that white was a mistake the evening it was painted. I did try red and it didn't feel right.

I have always LOVED black cupboards. We looked at a victorian on the market once that had black cupboards and I've always wanted to try them. Saturday morning, on a whim I decided to just go for it. I started at 10:30am and didn't finish until almost midnight. They got a solid 2 coats and 3 coats in most touched areas. I do plan on putting a protective coat on them to help with the wear and tear.

Here are the before and during pics. The white made the kitchen feel very cold and not cozy at all.

I had my husband remove the stove fan/light fixture. Putting a shelf there instead.

The bar/counter wrapping to the dining room still needs another coat.

I love how they turned out. The feeling in the kitchen is clean and cozy. I put garland with lights and berries about the cupboards. The walls need to be painted and our wood floor will go in soon. It was a LONG Saturday, but sooooo worth it.

This kitchen cupboard is my next project.... red.

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