Saturday, March 3, 2012

A gift to my Angels...

Today, I finally did something I've wanted to for a very long time. I had my two angels names applied permanently to my skin. I have for many years wanted to tattoo their names "somewhere". Some places I considered were around my wrist like a bracelet or on my inner wrists with wings... I met with my tattoo artist and threw some ideas around with him and when he showed me these angel wings I knew thats exactly what I wanted.

My tattoo artist Layne

I did this today for them. My memorial for my little babies I miss so incredibly much. Grace's birthday just passed a few days ago and Christian's is coming up next week. This is my birthday present to them.

It still needs some touch-up work. After 3 hours of pain I was done and couldn't take anymore. I am happy with it and it makes me feel good to show the world that my two little ones WERE here for a brief moment and rocked my world..

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  1. love the tattoo. this is one you definetly will not regret what so ever. i am a tattoo artist and i have never seen anyone in my shop do something like that. i love your idea and i believe it is very creative