Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don't you just LOVE a fun and exciting garage sale day?!

And don't you just love when you go up to a garage sale and find a box tucked away off to the side that no one was interested in, and when you peek inside you find..........


Being that orange is my favorite color... I was drawn to the pot. I scooped it up quick and asked what she wanted for it. I only had $15 dollars left in my pocket. She wanted $2.00... holy cow! Asked her what she wanted for the whole set and she replied "$15".... MINE!

This is what I uncovered when I got home.....

I've since discovered that these lovely pieces of enamelware (my favorite thing to collect and highly addicting) are imported from Italy and Yugoslavia. I looked them up on ebay to try and get some info on them as I've never seen them before, and the blue pot in the top picture is currently going for $45. Its Catherine Holm, Made in Normandy. The little skillets and plates are worth a pretty penny too. So fun!

Picked up this cute vintage kitchen set, still in the original wrapper.

Love this vintage umprella with lucite handle

Also scored this Schwinn Fair Lady in excellent condition.... 20 bucks! Came with original basket and training wheels. Looked it up on ebay and one is currently going for $185, not nearly as in good condition.

And my treasure partner son, Drew, also scored a bike he is most excited about.....

A 60's Firestone Bike... missing a few parts that will have to search for. But such a cool bike!

Was a fun day!

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