Thursday, July 22, 2010


We took a short break and took the kids and a couple of their friends camping last weekend. We've gone the last few years to Fernan. We have our favorite location which sits right next to the river and is surrounded by tall, beautiful trees.

This is one of my favorite views... the canopy of trees above us. I could sit back in a lounge chair all day and get lost in these trees.

My honey and I were sitting at this campfire, speechless, staring, quiet and completely immobile. I realized that I was at complete peace. A feeling I've not felt in.... almost forever. Nothing was on my mind, I had nothing (nothing!) to do, no chores, no dishes, no schooling, laundry, toys to pick up, email to check, no phone ringing off the hook... I looked at my husband and told him how strange I felt to not be doing something.  It was strange to me to feel peace, not a care in the world, not a thought in my head and it felt weird. I realized how sad it was to not have more moments like this.

We had a beautiful and peaceful weekend. Thankful to God for the beauty He created and the family and friends he's blessed my life with.

We returned home, opened the camper to find that the dog was car sick, threw up (alot) and our sewage backed up (why?) who knows! toilet overflowed everywhere.... hmmmm back home, back to reality :)


  1. We have that same fold up camp table. It was sure handy when the kids were it is in the trailer which is in Colorado Springs. We took the trailer down to camp with the grand kids and left it there, so we could have our own little home when visiting. The table is a handy little thing.

  2. I know, isn't that table perfect vintage! I love taking it with us, makes our site cozy :)