Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old Cars and Jam

The weather calling for severe thunderstorms... I love thunderstorms!!! Kansas had the best violent storms and I miss, miss, miss them. It was quite warm and muggy outside but was perfect weather for an old car show and some strawberry/raspberry and fresh veggie pickin with the kids. 

Drew really wanted to show his car this year but his water pump did not arrive in time. Can't wait for the next show and to see him sit proudly next to his '59 and chat with other old car enthusiasts....

After the show we went to Carver Farms. A wonderful family owned u-pick farm with the nicest people and wonderful fresh goodies. Today we picked, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers (for pickles), green beans and cantaloupe.

With the help of these little ladies we made strawberry and raspberry freezer jam. It's easy, fast and very yummy.

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  1. Hello Valerie,
    I just stopped by to say hell and introduce myself. My name is Laura and I found your blog while surfing through other blogs.
    I love vintage stuff, too and yes, I am nuts for old chairs. I come by it's genetic. My Dad used to collect chairs, too. Mom used to call our old house, "Chairs R Us"!! Dad would pick up chairs at the dump on the side of the road or at yard/garage sales....anywhere there was a good chair!!
    One day Dad was cleaning off the veranda and decided to put an old wooden rocking armchair in the driveway with a $20.00 sign on it. Mom said to him, "Who is going to pay $20.00 for that old thing?" A few minutes later I arrived and promptly paid him $20. for it. Mom and Dad both started to laugh and then told me what Mom had just said!! Like I's genetic!! The chair is now painted white and has lovely shabby rose cushions on it and resides at our summer cottage.
    Please stop by my blog for a visit. I have two vintage metal chairs featured for Pink Saturday. You may like them!!
    Warm hugs, Laura