Friday, July 29, 2011

Our second trip to Seattle

My son's second appointment with his new Doctor (A specialist at Seattle Children's Hospital) went really well. When Doc walked in the room she commented at how "Strapping" Josh was :)  His numbers are still maintaining healthy levels and the gameplan is to leave his medication at current dosages and wait 2 years for another biopsy. We received the best news possible in his case. She also extended the blood draws to every 3 months, yay! This is going from every 2 weeks for over a year, poor guy.

All in all, it was a good visit, we received good news, he is extremely healthy, and we had another fun visit in Seattle.

My daughter and her first baby doll, Bessie. She doesn't go anywhere without her :)

Emma was so cute sharing the ride with Bessie.

My boys and their friend Rachael who joined our trip. Hotel pool was much fun for them. I love these kids.

My Josh... I love his love for photography

The Gum Wall in Seattle's Pike Place. Was something to see but so glad I brought a bottle of Purel.

My loves....

Creativity with gum

It was another fun trip. This time we visited the Seattle Zoo. Next trip the kids want to do the underground Seattle tour...

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