Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman

I was driving down our beautiful Hwy 41 that connects my small town to the next. Along that Hwy is an electronic billboard that Real Life Ministries has up to advertise functions, service times, etc. As I drove by, the sign flashed STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN and a date... What?! I asked the kids in the car if they saw what the sign said. On my way back, I drove much slower so I could read the entire post about Steven.

He was coming to Post Falls! How cool is that! Steven coming to our small town? I knew right away I wanted to go see him with my little girl and have a girly date night.

Me and Emma ~ She is my Rainbow daughter

Our friend Victoria joined us

Was a wonderful evening and so thankful that Steven honored our small town with his presense. On my wish list - a new, better camera with a better zoom capability.

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