Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thankful for a night together

My brother Len who has just returned from Iraq, came over for dinner last Saturday. My mom and sister drove over from Montana to welcome him home and spend some much needed time with him. As we sat around the table together and ate dinner, all I thought about while staring at his face was how thankful I was that he was home. That he survived the time he served and was here again with his family and we have been given the opportunity to continue to share each other's lives. I love him and am so very proud.

My son Josh turned virtual boxing on his XBOX and he and Len went a few rounds.

Josh played his guitar for us and then Len played a few songs.

Drew played the drums

And he and Len played a few songs together.

We finished the evening watching Michael Jackson's "This is It". It was a great evening with great conversation, much music and awesome memories were made. 

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