Saturday, October 22, 2011

A very fun junk day

I read about an estate sale on craigslist today, that just so happened, was on the way to another errand I had to run. I am ever-so-happy I went! I only wish I had gone first thing this morning. I walked up and first eyed some old Atlas and Ball canning jars with the wire on the rims. Asked how much he wanted.... .25 cents. Grabbed those all quickly. Found a small red/white enamel potty pot and he again replied .50 cents. At that point I was very happy ummmm freakin excited about the prices and the junk loaded upon the tables. He asked me if I wanted a box... Oh yes! A box would be perfect! The first table was loaded with wonderful little juice glasses... I simply adore the 50's and 60's juice glasses. On the same table were Fire King dishes, loads and loads of them. I dug through the boxes and discovered lots of little treasures.

Got 6 of these dinner plates from Fire King

All these wonderful juice glasses

I can't wait to see these cleaned up... he said they were all stored in the basement

Love these bowls... they are chipped and cracked but I love the textures and colors nonetheless

Some of the jars, bucket and an enamel platter

Enamel lids bowls and pots

Cute glass caddy

I loved this cheese grater. I love to put tea lights in them at christmas. I've never seen one with the "scalloped" graters

Found this very cool lamp, I'm guessing to be from 30's or 40's. My son wants to rewire and restore it.

Love the claw feet


Did I come home with chairs... why yes I did :)

My son also bought a very rare slide projector. All piled up.... guess how much I paid. $10.00.  Love those kind of sales :)  I'm going back again tomorrow morning. He's bringing a few more things out and all her clothes. Love vintage cardigans and hoping to find a few.

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