Sunday, April 22, 2012

A beautiful day in Idaho and the raised vegetable garden is underway

The anxiety is increasing as the beds get closer to completion. The thought of growing my own veggies for juicing and canning makes me soooo happy. The plan is 3 each of 4x12 foot beds. I've tried to grow a garden directly in the ground in this same area, but the weeds and maintenance was overwhelming.

Here is the progress made today. I also ran to a yard sale out in the country and found some vintage metal garden chairs, a vintage garden gate and some misc fun items.

The third box is almost done as I type this. While they were working on that, Miss Emma and I painted plant markers...

Here also are some shots of my fun treasures I found today....

Vintage Metal Garden Chairs.... I'm thinking they need to be pale green or red?

Loved the character on this little farm table... need to make room for her somewhere.

Love this old garden gate.... will fit right in my garden area with my vintage garden tools and such I plan to hang on the fence.

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