Sunday, June 6, 2010

An old brick house in Kansas

Isn't this the most beautiful picture. I am so thankful to my friend Lisa (fellow junker, barn explorer, abandoned house raider) for taking this picture and capturing the day we explored this charming (empty) brick home sitting so quaintly on the side of an old tree lined country dirt road.  Don't you just love the trumpet vine?

It was the cutest little home. I remember the turqoise colored kitchen walls. We carefully climbed the very old steep wooden staircase and believe it or not, an old iron bed was still sitting there in the little bedroom. No, we didn't take it, oh yes it did cross our minds, but we left it. It belonged there. Just like the severly rusted early 30's car parked in what still stood of the old garage. They belonged there... with the memories of a family who onced thrived in that beautiful little brick home.

I love this picture and the kitty who jumped in the window to say goodbye to us. It was a fun day! I love you my dear friend Lisa, and terribly miss our junkin times we had :)

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