Monday, June 7, 2010

A time to plant

LOVE flowers in old things... if it has a hole and can hold dirt, I will throw a plant in it. I love all flowers, but my most favorite is a daisy... there is just something sweet and innocent about a daisy.

I've purchased two old bikes over the years. I've envisioned the old bike with a petunia filled basket under my wonderful pin oak tree for years. Each bike I buy, my son rescues... he is the one I mentioned in an earlier post who has a love for bygone eras.  Example, this cool vintage Rollfast. I was thrilled when I found it at an estate sale last year and talked the owner down to 20 bucks! Brought her home, placed her under my tree and... here comes my son. "Mom" he says... "You can't just let that rot away outside, it's a treasure!"

My Rollfast was loved, sanded, buffed and now has new life. I suppose that is better, that she is on the pavement in all her glory as she was made for... my son really enjoys riding it -sigh-. That is the second one he has "rescued". I guess I'll have to search for one that is beyond moveable or repairable with rust. I do love that he "loves" and shares my passion! We are garage sale buddies and I treasure that.

He had a hard time yesterday when I decided to put my vintage Westinghouse roaster on a metal stand outside to plant in. I was scolded. I had to negotiate with him and placed it under the eaves so that the weather wouldn't harm it.

The story behind the roaster is funny... I bought it at a vintage store a few months back. I loved it at first sight and loved the thought of it being in my kitchen. It took up alot of room and I just didn't know what to do with it... the creativeness just wasn't happening for me for it!  I had a garage sale this past weekend and put the roaster up for sale. A woman was looking at it and said "Oh, wouldn't this be cute in the garden with flowers in it!"  hmmmm, I thought, "Yeah! That would be cute!". Then another woman told her husband "Oh, we could put this on the patio, fill it with ice and keep water and lemonade bottles in it". That was it!! I wanted it. Loved the ideas. So she asked me how much I wanted for it and I told her "fifty dollars!" I knew she wouldn't pay that, and she didn't, she walked away -phew!-. I swooped over and pulled it from the garage sale. She now sits on my front porch (filled with flowers).


  1. Hey Lady, Im coming with 50.00!!! lol
    I love this story and I was there to watch it happen!

  2. My grandma had one of these, an aunt of mine got it after grandma passed away. I have had a couple of other ones, but ended up getting rid of them, for the sake of space and my tastes going more primitive. This looks great with flowers in it.