Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Toys

My love for vintage goodness even goes as deep as the toys my children play with. When my boys were born (13 and 15 years ago) I started collecting vintage Fisher Price Little People. I scoured garage/estate sales and spent countless hours on ebay buying up those adorable little people and the charming houses, schools, cars and accessories created just for them.  My kids would sit for hours upon hours and play with this little world they had created with these little people. Their imaginations were endless....  I still have the entire set today. My 5 year old daughter now plays with it. It's the one thing that will occupy her for hours. The entire little town will sit on the living room floor, people and cars scattered everywhere... it warms my heart. I envision my "someday" grandkids playing with them too.

Don't their charming little faces just warm your heart!

This cute little wooden doggy is probably one of the oldest pieces I have. The older wooden people I have are my fav's. LOVE the mad face on the one little guy! Wonder if he came with the schoolhouse set and sat in the teachers corner or maybe the hospital set waiting for his vaccination ;)

I love the "woodness" of the older toys, the good and healthy textures.

Stove and Sink

I scored this ADORABLE (70's) kitchen set at a community wide garage sale a few weeks back. Can you believe I got all 3 pieces for $10. I was bewildered that it was still sitting there... no one else wanted this charming little set? Really!? The seller told me that they had rescued it from an old schoolhouse being torn down in WA.

It's in my kitchen, for my daughter (and me!) She loves to "cook" while mommy does. Ahhhh, vintage goodness! It's fun for her to play with and even better for mama as it's cuteness adds to my vintage kitchen.

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