Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage Chairs

Did I mention that I have an obsession with chairs :) "Hi, my name is Valerie and I'm a chair addict" (Have to give credit to my friend Lisa for that line)

I have a weakness for old chairs, actually it is far worse. I LOVE them!

They really are functional! (I tell my husband) They hold stacks of books, old pots with flowers, the one by the front door is a perfect place to put your shoes on before you head outside and I love them hung on walls! The problem.... I have so many that some are in my attic because I am out of room. But! SOMEDAY I will have a place for them or even a bigger house so all my chairs will fit somewhere! So I couldn't possibly part with them :p

I've got wooden folding chairs that date back to 1893, chippy farm chairs, old childrens chairs, old metal chairs, and I admit, even old potty chairs :). I started to notice that I had a problem when I found that all I would come home with from sales is more chairs. They sit in just about every corner of my home. Why do I love them? I think they are the perfect piece of art, more than just a chair. I love their shapes, colors, textures, etc. There is something beautiful to me about an old chair sitting in a little garden. Inviting you to come rest for a moment, with a glass of lemonade, a perfect moment to stop and reflect on God's love for us and the beauty He created. I love the thought of sitting on something made 50+ years ago, made by hand with love and still around supporting someone.

Today, I will share a few pictures of my favorite chairs. They are not fancy or ornate. I like the simple farm style, original paint, used and worn.

Old chairs... it's one thing that makes my heart skip a beat.

Do you love old chairs? I would love to see pictures of your chairs and what you've done with them.


  1. Very sweet chairs!
    I have a passion for chippy rusty aged things too.....

  2. Oh dear, you could be my little sister! I too love old chairs. Wish I had known this-I just sold about 35 of them at a yard sale. I did not want to, but for the sake of space and the sanity of my husband, I let them go for $1.00 a piece. Sold old folding ones, that I loved, that was hard. I do get attached to my old junk. I did keep the old theater seats that had been used at a church camp I went to every summer growing up...I was fortunate to get those, since they were in California.

  3. Oh, Pamela, your comment brought great sadness to my morning. Old chairs sold and I wasn't there. I just recently sold my antique dining table and brought in my mother-in-law's mother's vintage metal framed glass top table. It fit's my decor and taste better. I put all my mismatched farm chairs around it and just love it. Now the chairs have a "place".