Sunday, August 14, 2011

A little diving today....

One of the things I miss about Kansas is the countless abandoned farmhouses and barns. They were on every dirt road travelled. Not much junkin here... not enough history to have the older farmhouses and if something gets old here, its torn down and something new put in.  I was leaving my sister-in-laws house last night and passed by an old home and barn, empty and I was told it had been condemned. I don't know why really, the house seemed to be in beautiful shape, just needed some love. Something about it peeked my interest and I went a little exploring this morning :)  Boy did it feel good to dig, get dirty, breathe dust and explore.

The staircase leading to the 2nd floor of the barn.
Was creepier with out the flash of my camera lighting it up.

My son, my dumpster diving partner. He was in his element. We are a junkin team. He has the same passion for junk and treasures, passed down to me from my daddy.

Old wooden ironing board. Cute color.

The top of the barn was littered with old magazines and documentation from the military. There were so many love letters and drawings. A history of someone's love for another just discarded and forgotten.

A smaller barn at the back of the house.

Nesting boxes!


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