Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peach and Cilantro Salsa

I did it. Today I made my first batch of Peach and Cilantro Salsa from my new canning book called "Canning for a New Generation" (Page 112). It is the most amazing salsa I have ever had, seriously. It's kinda sweet, peachy, minty and spicy from the serrano and crushed red peppers... so good.

Peaches from Carver Farms



Just out of the bath...

Isn't it pretty? :)  I made a dozen pints today. I was surprised at how long the whole process took. Washing all the peaches, blanching, peeling, dicing, cutting all the other veggies and herbs, simmering, heating the jars, lids, ladling, processing.... My kitchen was blazing hot on an already scorching day. It made me wonder how the ladies would spend an entire day, days on end, canning for all those hours.

But, I get it... the finished product, the freshness, the flavors, and the knowing exactly what's in the jar when its popped open to feed the family made all the work and effort worth it. Not to mention my house smelled unbelievable. I loved the whole process. My husband, daughter and I consumed a whole pint of salsa last night. I actually ate mine by the spoonful. Each bite was followed by a yum. A no preservative's yum :)

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